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Winther Kangaroo Luxe...

Unique advantages make Winther Kangaroo Luxe the ultimate cargo bike for you and your family. Rest seats, torsion suspension on the front wheels and detailed attention to safety and comfort earned it the prize for best cargo bike in the test.
Price €4,999.99

Winther Cargoo Electric...

With a Winther Cargoo, children, goods or other cargo can be transported quickly and easily. It is Winther's most flexible model and can carry up to 100 kg.
Price €3,999.99
KidsCab Premium Dog...
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KidsCab Premium Dog...

The KidsCab dog premium is a cheap electric cargo bike, specially made for transporting dogs and children together. This three wheel cargo bike has sturdy disc brakes and can accommodate 2 children and a large dog. Moreover, the rain tent is included.
Regular price €2,399.99 Price €1,999.99

KidsCab Covid special cargo...

KidsCab Covid special cargo tricycles are a worthy alternative to cars and vans. Give your business a boost to make carefree deliveries in low emission zones or give your company more visibility.
Price €2,699.99