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commercial and advertising cargo bike

commercial and advertising cargo bike

Are you looking for a cargo bike for commercial and advertising purposes? Or a cargo bike for your company?
In our assortment you will find all types of cargo trikes adapted for your company, such as a bakers bakfiets, cargo bikes for bicycle makers, advertising bike or a coffee cargo bikes. In short, we all have them.

commercial and advertising cargo bike

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KidsCab Velotaxi taxi bike...

The KidsCab Velotaxi / Pedicab or bicycle taxi is a modern electric tricycle for transporting people or goods in an environmentally friendly, innovative, flexible and sporty way.
Price €6,611.56

Kidscab Pro bike-E cargo bike

This Kidscab Pro Bike two-wheel cargo bike with pedal assistance takes you easily and efficiently to every corner of the city. A solid lock and waterproof composite box with round shapes ensure that you can safely transport your goods through the city.
Price €3,553.71

Kidscab Pro bike-E High...

This Kidscab Pro Bike high power with strong mid-engine two-wheeler takes you to every corner of the city. You maneuver easily and efficiently through busy traffic, even with a full tank.
Price €4,380.16