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Promovec battery carrier 6/2-XL 36V 13.2Ah

Promovec battery carrier 6/2-XL 36V 13.2Ah
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Product description

NB! There is a distinction between the regular Carrier 6/2 battery and the Carrier 6/2-XL battery and these two types of batteries are not interchangeable. It is therefore important that you replace your defective battery with the correct type of battery for your electric bicycle. There is also a limited edition of 48V Carrier 6/2XL batteries. You can only replace these 48V 6/2-XL batteries with an identical 48V variant and not with a 36V variant.

Promovec Carrier 6/2-XL e-bike battery

Discover the power and durability of the Promovec Carrier 6/2-Xl bicycle battery, a bicycle battery that delivers top performance and can properly support your cycling trips. Whether you are a recreational cyclist or a daily commuter, this battery offers you solid and reliable quality so that you can cycle worry-free. The Promovec Carrier 6/2-XL e-bike battery is a product manufactured by the Danish company Promovec. This leading Danish company has years of experience in the production of various parts for electric bicycles, including e-bike displays, motors, batteries, frames and sensors. Due to their expertise, they have grown into specialized manufacturers of bicycle batteries, resulting in the Promovec Carrier 6/2-XL battery. This battery is specially designed for electric bicycles and is mounted on the luggage carrier. The Carrier 6/2-XL battery offers a capacity of 36V and 13.2Ah and has a UART 3-pin output port.

Promovec Carrier 6/2-XL Bicycle Battery Features

The Promovec Carrier 6/2-XL e-bike battery has a sleek matte black finish and a contemporary design. In addition, the battery is equipped with an integrated rear light. This rear light is powered by your bicycle battery. You do not have to charge this rear light separately. With a weight of approximately 4 kilograms and dimensions of 41.59 centimeters in length, 11.3 centimeters in width and 6.2 centimeters in height, this battery is quite compact and practical to use. In addition, the e-bike battery complies with the following certificates:

     EN 15194
     UN 38.3

What characterizes the Promovec Carrier 6/2-XL battery, among other things, are its advanced functions. This e-bike battery is equipped with a SMART Battery Management System (BMS), which ensures that the individual battery cells work together efficiently and continue to function within safe limits, taking into account temperature restrictions. Furthermore, the battery has an IP65 rating, which means it is dustproof and can withstand water jets, as long as they are not too powerful. Nevertheless, it is recommended to expose the battery to water as little as possible, as water damage is usually not covered by the warranty.

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