Wike bicycle trailers

Wir sind WIKE ... die Walk and Bike Company. Wike Fahrradanhänger Buggy und Jogger sind zum Radfahren, Spazierengehen oder Joggen mit Ihren Kindern konzipiert. Wike-Gepäckwagen stehen für Ihren täglichen Frachttransport zur Verfügung.

Wike bicycle trailers

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Wike double Premium bike...

The Wike premium double children's bicycle trailer is suitable for children up to an average of 10 years and with a length of 132 cm.
With this bicycle trailer you can go cycling, walking and jogging.
Price €578.50

WIKE Junior bicycle trailer

The Junior is an affordable, recreational bicycle trailer. If you're looking for something for everyday use, consider the Moonlite or Premium Double
Price €330.57

Make your own bicycle...

Many people prefer to build their own trailer. Our 'Do-It-Yourself Kit' gives you complete freedom to make the trailer exactly the size and style you want.
Price €247.93