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JoKer Mini cargo fork

With this conversion kit for cargo bikes you can convert a city bike into a compact cargo bike. Ideal for transporting your child, your shopping or your dog by bike.
Price €619.83

JoKer Mini cargo family kit

The Family Kit is an assembly of protective and maintaining bars which get positioned around the child's seat mounted on your JoKer Mini. The kit is made of solid steel tubes and wheel skirts which get intuitively installed on the JoKer Mini's frame. Adapt the seat to your kid's age, and safely travel around the city with your child on the front of your compact cargo bike!
Price €165.28

JoKer Mini cargo transport bag

The Softbag is a waterproof fabric basket made for delivery drivers and bicycle workers. With a capacity of more than 100 liters you can transport packages or transport a dog with your compact cargo bike.
Price €165.28