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KidsCab Cares 4 cargo bike

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The KidsCab Cares 4 cargo bike with carbon belt transmission instead of a chain. Cycling with this three-wheeled child cargo trike up to 100 km in silence.

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KidsCab Cares 4 cargo bike

With this Belgian cargo bike from KidsCab Cares 4 you not only buy the best cargo bike in Belgium, but everything is also included, thanks to the temporary promotion you have a discount of up to - 600 euros with a discount of 300 EURO and another 300 euros in accessories included (hood & seat cushions).

A KidsCab Cares 4 is fully equipped with hood, cushions, three-point belts on all four seats, approved Abus lock, integrated front and rear lights, etc. Of course, assembly is always included. In the middle is a powerful Bafang motor with a torque of 80 Nm, which is important to drive up all slopes effortlessly in a loaded condition.

We have equipped the cargo bike with an Enviolo N380 stepless hub gear and belt drive, which is an extraordinary combination. Neither uphill, headwind, nor heavy loads become difficult - you choose how much assistance you need with a simple push of a button.

The gears of the KidsCab Cares 4 do not have traditional 1,2,3,4 ... positions, but you can change the gear ratio between your pedals and the rear wheel in one continuous movement. Just turn the shifter slightly on the handlebars and the gear ratio will change at any ratio within the range. This is easy to do whether you are freewheeling, exercising under load or waiting at a traffic light. In addition, it is virtually maintenance-free, as they consist of independent systems. They are also specially designed to withstand the high torque of an eBike and can be combined with a belt drive. You get the benefits of built-in maintenance-free gears that are not worn out. You don't have to adjust and oil the gears every season, and they also add to a great bike ride with almost completely unnoticed changes.

Carbon belt drive instead of chain
The latest model of KidsCab Cares 4 no longer has a chain, but a belt drive. It is clean and clean - a Carbon drive belt does not need lubrication and therefore there is no accumulation of dirt, oil, etc. The Carbon drive belt has no metal to metal contact, which makes it feel a lot flatter and smooth during operation. drive and makes no noise. The system consists of 2 sprockets, making a belt a lot lighter than a normal chain system and has no stretch like a chain. Tests showed that the Carbon drive belt lasts 2x longer than a chain.

Smart Display
The illuminated display shows speed, time, battery level and distance traveled. It also calculates how far you can ride before the battery needs to be charged. With one button you can easily change the assistance of the electric motor in six steps.

Effective brakes
It is important that the brakes on a cargo bike are efficient and work evenly to avoid dangerous situations in traffic. Wire brakes are often uneven over time, which is why KidsCab Cares have equipped 4 with powerful, hydraulic brakes on all wheels. The brakes are lockable, which is useful when parking.

Safe and smooth
For the safety of the children, the steps are on the side and the opening of the hood is on the sidewalk side and there are three-point belts in all four places. We have opted for large wheels, damping tires and extra strong steering dampers, making the KidsCab Cares 4 very stable and easy to cycle. The bicycle is then 80 cm wide and comes in at most places.

For four children - and more
You can accommodate up to four children, but the picnic basket, food boxes or sports equipment can also be accommodated in the well-stocked container. One sofa is a storage box and the other can be folded. The tray is made of lacquered, water-resistant plywood. The bottom is extra reinforced and treated to withstand all weather conditions.

Easy storage and maintenance
The KidsCab Cares 4 is almost completely maintenance free, but as with all things, it sometimes needs a bit of maintenance in terms of cleaning and overhaul. It can be stored on the nose and can then take up less than 1 m² of surface. This is also useful when the cycle needs to be cleaned and checked.
Hidden cords in the frame.

When we designed KidsCab Cares 4, it was important not to have many wires hanging. That is why we leave all wiring hidden in the frame. It will be finer, easier to keep clean and they will not get in the way while cycling.

Lighting and battery
The lighting, which is powered by the cycle battery. The headlight is integrated at the bottom of the box and the rear light is mounted on the luggage rack. The battery is hidden under the seat in the box, keeping it dry and protected against fall damage. The KidsCab Cares 4 is equipped with a 17.5 Ah (612Wh) battery and can provide up to 90 km pedal assistance.

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