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Urban Arrow Connected GPS module Cargo Line

Create your Urban Arrow Connected now. Connects the GPS module to the new Urban Arrow app. This way you are protected against theft and always connected to your bike.
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Urban Arrow Connected GPS Module

Outrun the thief!

Urban Arrow cargo bikes are popular... also with thieves. That is why Urban Arrow has developed its own GPS-Tracker. This tracker always provides a live location with which you can also read other data via the specially developed Urban Arrow App, such as the current battery level, a trip overview, etc....
With this handy tracker and app you can not only track the location of your bike, but also keep an eye on important information such as speed, distance traveled and battery level.

The first 4 years free follow-up service!!

Nowadays, almost all bicycle insurance companies require a GPS Tracker with follow-up service. Follow-up service always costs extra with other trackers and sometimes well over a hundred euros... With the Urban Arrow Connected GPS tracker you get the first 4 years of follow-up service for free (only in NL)!!

The Urban Arrow Connected GPS tracker is a compact and lightweight module that can be mounted deep in the motorcycle. The module is equipped with GPS technology that allows you to track the location of your bike in real time. This is useful if you have parked your bike somewhere and want to find it quickly, or if you share your bike with others and want to know where it is and of course especially if it gets stolen!

In addition, the App contains a map with all Urban Arrow Dealers in Europe so that you can always find the best place for service. Of course, the App also indicates when your Urban Arrow is due for service.

Another useful feature of the Urban Arrow Connected GPS tracker and App is the ability to set up notifications. For example, you can receive a notification if someone moves your bike, or if your bike's battery is almost empty. This gives you peace of mind and makes it easier to protect your bike against theft.


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