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Universal GPS Tracker for Electric Bicycle

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Universal Powunity bicycle GPS tracker for all types of E-bikes.


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GPS tracker universal for technology users

The Bicycle GPS Tracker Universal is suitable for universal use. In addition to e-bikes, this also includes other areas of application where coupling with a power supply can be guaranteed. The development team took into account all basic requirements and security requirements. Thus, the error-free and safe operation of the GPS tracker is absolutely guaranteed.

In packaging:

    Universal GPS tracker with an integrated SIM card
    Universal connection cable
    Additional battery with a capacity of 1,000 mAh
    Double-sided mounting adhesive for secure mounting of the GPS tracker
    Matching cable ties to fix the connection cable
    Free smartphone app
    GPS data flat rate for free in the first year

The data transfer for the GPS tracker is free in the first year - in all countries of the European Union.

The GPS tracker is integrated into the EU-wide data network with the integrated SIM card. This means that you can see the location coordinates of your tracked vehicle anytime, anywhere in the EU *. In case of theft or unauthorized use, the GPS system is activated and you immediately send an alarm on your smartphone. It doesn't matter which EU country you are currently in.

The GPS data is sent via GPRS and GSM. There are no data transfer charges for the first year. After the first free year has passed, the data transfer costs are only € 3.95 per month. There is no binding contract.

In addition, the data usage can also be conveniently activated monthly with the free smartphone app. So if you only want to use the GPS Tracker Universal in the summer months, you can easily do it with a finger movement.

Why use GPS Tracker Universal?
The GPS Tracker Universal is currently the best GPS anti-theft device for all possible applications and areas of application. The GPS tracker is installed invisibly. Thanks to the minimal installation dimensions, the GPS Tracker Universal fits in almost any opening.

The routes you have traveled, including the distance, average and maximum speed, are recorded daily and saved in the route diary. The export takes place as a gpx file. You can use your user profile on as many devices as you want. This way, family and friends can also see where you are currently traveling or get a theft alarm.

Installation of the GPS tracker
Normally, the GPS tracker is connected to the battery or the power supply of the vehicle to ensure the power supply. When the power source is turned off, the extra battery of the GPS Tracker continues to provide the necessary energy for monitoring.

The maximum run time is 14 hours for active GPS tracking and up to 3 weeks for standby use. The additional battery is recharged immediately after switching on. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.

GPS tracker web platform
On the GPS web platform, you can easily control and monitor GPS tracking with your PC, laptop or notebook. You receive all the information about the location in real time and can see the routes traveled.


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