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Qeridoo baby hammock 2020

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Qeridoo baby hammock for babies from 0 to 10 months


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Qeridoo baby hammock

Qeridoo has developed an innovative new product to enable even the little ones to have a safe and stable position and comfortable transport. This is a combination of a classic hammock and a car seat shell - the Qeridoo baby seat. From the 1st to the 12th month of life, the little ones are safe on the move. The baby seat can be used up to a maximum body weight of 12 kg. It is available in two color variations.

The height-adjustable headrest and side impact protection particularly protect the sensitive head and torso area. A pleasant sitting comfort as well as an ergonomic and back-friendly posture are promoted thanks to the soft padding and the special shape of the safety shell. The floating support rocks your baby gently and safely to sleep.

The padded 5-point belt system can be adapted to the size of the child and provides the necessary protection during transport. The Qeridoo baby seat is compatible with the Kidgoo and Sportrex and enables easy assembly. A universal adapter is required for fastening in the Speedkid or in other bicycle trailers.

Product features

»Safe transport system for babies who cannot yet sit
»Baby transport possible in all operating modes
»Available in two color variations
»All-round protection
»Ergonomic and back-friendly posture thanks to the soft padding and the special shape of the safety shell
»Breathable cover
»Spring effect thanks to hanging storage
»Can be used in one and two-seater
»Height-adjustable headrest with side impact protection particularly secure the sensitive head and torso area
»Enables the transport of an infant next to a toddler
»The stroller can be folded with the built-in baby seat (Kidgoo and Sportrex)
»5-point seat belt with Smart-Lock function can be adapted to the size of the child

Usage properties

»Age: From the 1st to the 12th Month of life usable or until independent sitting
»Maximum body weight: 12 kg
»Maximum speed: 15 km / h

Compatible with all models from 2018

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