Cargobike Classic Long electric - Rollerbrakes

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The CargoBike Classic Long Steps is a traditional cargo bike with electric drive. The motor is on the pedals and gives that extra boost when you when needed extra power. With this Classic cargo bike the battery is in the cargo rack.

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The CargoBike Long Classic most resembles the original Easy to control, with a container close to the ground, so that children can easily get in. With the unique 4 point standard, it stands firmly on the ground. The magnetic locking belts are super easy to use.


Length: 253 cm, width: 63 cm

Available in the colors

black / matte granite / petrol-blue

Hub dynamo

This cargo bike also has a Hub Dynamo so always well lit!

The best brakes

A good braking device is essential with a cargo bike. That is why this cargo bike comes standard with Shimano Premium Drum brakes. The drum brake on the front wheel can be replaced by the Hydraulic Disc Brake at an additional charge. In mountainous areas, this disc brake can be a good choice for cooling the brakes. Another option is the hydraulic HS11 rim brakes from Magura. These have an unprecedented braking force, which is why it is often chosen by cyclists who find maximum braking power important.

A cargo bike from is your best choice because:

  •     Your cargo bike is unique and is made especially for you.
  •     Every has a tough three-layer powder coating system with a zinc-containing primer. Impact resistant lacquer layer!
  •     The mudguards and rods are galvanized under the lacquer layer (so also in the cavities) or they are made of stainless steel.
  •     The stainless steel spokes fit precisely in the hub (80% less spoke breakage) and are at least 2.35 mm thick (spoke 13).
  •     The stainless steel inner and outer cables are lined with Teflon. This guarantees smooth operation.
  •     Every is equipped with as many stainless steel parts as possible. For example, the handlebar is always made of stainless steel.
  •     Every has very strong rims and anti-punctures.
  •     Almost all welds are re-soldered with copper. This reduces rust and gives a stronger connection.
  •     Every is assembled by hand with great care.
  •     All parts are tested extensively. Only the best is good enough for a
  •     Only the best materials are used, so drives nice and light, is reliable and ensures years of cycling pleasure.
  •     Due to the high quality, has a very high residual value
  •     Your cargo bike is made in the Netherlands, at our neighbor in Hoogeveen!


After completing the registration form * on you have:

    10 year warranty on frame and front fork from date of purchase.
    2 year warranty on paint and rust from the inside
    2 year warranty on other parts. Wear parts such as tires, pedals, saddles, straps, chain and sprockets are excluded.
    For the factory warranty of you can go to your local dealer.

* Please note: completing the manufacturer's registration form is a requirement. Without completing this form, the warranty period will be halved at the manufacturer.

Electric cargo bike

Who doesn't want that; an electric cargo bike, our cargo bike is the only real one from Dutch manufacture and handmade. You won't find a better cargo bike anywhere, our electric models are also completely handmade, checked and tested and then our cargo bike goes to its new owner. That means enjoying our original electric cargo bike.

Electric drive

A number of CargoBikes and Trikes are also available with an electric drive. This makes cycling a lot lighter and faster. The motor can also help you push when walking next to the bike.
The battery is removable which is easy when you do not have a power outlet near the bike.


Shimano STEPS

The Electric CargoBikes and Trikes are equipped with the Shimano STEPS system. This system is relatively light in weight, provides good support, has a large reach, is reliable and has many extras. The system is easy to operate via a display and a control close to the thumbs, you keep your hands on the wheel while operating. The Shimano STEPS is also equipped with a Walk assist for extra support when you walk next to the bike.


The Steps models are available with 2 speed automatic transmission, a Shimano 7 speed hub, a NuVinci stepless speed hub and an 8 speed premium hub with automatic shifting (Di2).



The Di2 version of the STEPS is integral with the electronics, which means that the motor reduces its power when the hub has to switch. This system can also be set so that the hub automatically shifts back to the set gear when you stand still, so that you are ready to cycle in the correct gear.

Automatic switching

With the combination of our engine and the internal Di2 hub gear, you benefit fully from the fully automatic shifting function. To accelerate the automatic shift to the correct speed

Data sheet

Number of seats
Parking brake
Load weight
100 kg
Front brakes
Rear brakes
Bicycle lock
Rain tent
70 km

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